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Harvey -

Hurricane Harvey made landfall three times in Texas — in Aransas County near Corpus Christi, in Harris County and Houston, and in Jefferson County and Beaumont and Port Arthur. Rockport suffered intense wind damage while the Houston and Beaumont-Port Arthur areas were flooded by the most intense rainfall ever recorded in the United States — Nederland, Texas, received more than 60 inches of rain.

Storm Facts

  • Impacted Area: Texas, 2017

  • Total Individual Assistance Applications: 890,925

Key Insights from this Dashboard

  • Although Harris County had the largest number of applications overall, many counties had more applications per 100 households, including Jefferson, Refugio, and Aransas Counties. These are also some of the most socially vulnerable counties in Texas; Refugio County is the most vulnerable county in the affected area, with an SVI score of .85.

  • The bivariate map shows that Southeast Texas and the Coastal Bend Area (Corpus Christi and environs) were heavily impacted and highly vulnerable.

Harvey in Texas.PNG
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