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Ida -

Hurricane Ida made landfall in Louisiana on August 29, 2021, devastating the southeastern portion of the state before moving north and causing damage and flooding from Arkansas to New Jersey. New Orleans was hit directly by a hurricane for the first time since Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Although flooding was less severe than in 2005, there were extensive power outages for up to two weeks.

Storm Facts

  • Impacted Area: Louisiana, 2021

  • Total Individual Assistance Applications: 804,953

Key Insights from this Dashboard

  • Southeast Louisiana was hardest hit: There were 98 applications per 100 households in Orleans Parish and even more in Plaquemines and LaFourche parishes. Areas north and west of New Orleans also recorded substantial damage, with East Baton Rouge Parish recording 55 applications per 100 households. Parts of Louisiana west of Baton Rouge were minimally impacted.

  • Individual Assistance awards were more equitable than in previous storms; lower income households were more likely to receive funding than higher income households.

  • Roughly 70% of applicants were found eligible for Hurricane Ida assistance, compared to roughly 50% of Hurricane Harvey applicants.

Hurricane Ida Dashboard.PNG
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