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In a world of ever-increasing natural disasters, we believe every community and neighborhood deserves the chance to quickly recover and thrive after being hit by a natural disaster. The Disaster Equity Data Portal uses data from FEMA, the Census, and other sources to show inequities and gaps in disaster funding. We are a resource for community members and advocates to help visualize what is happening in their communities and to push for better and more equitable government response.

The goals of the Disaster Equity Data Portal are to provide and interpret data to:

  1. Track disasters as they occur.

  2. Track federal recovery efforts — data on how FEMA programs and federal disaster recovery and disaster mitigation funds are being spent and who they are advantaging.

  3. Inform policy decisions to make the disaster recovery system more equitable.

Disaster recovery is a racial justice issue, an economic justice issue, an environmental justice issue, and a climate justice issue. It is imperative to create a disaster recovery system that protects all communities and helps them thrive.

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